Renovation Necessity [Big Impact With An Inexpensive Price Tag]


Renovations are fun right? OK. Maybe not the “renovation” part where you’re getting into arguments with your spouse every 2.5 seconds but the finished part when you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy the space.

When Kyle and I built our home in 2014 we decided to leave the basement unfinished as we knew we didn’t require the additional space. Fast forward to the beginning of 2019 and after getting sick of looking at Lincoln’s toys scattered around the living room we both knew it was time to take on the task of completing the basement.

We sat down and wrote out a list of “wants” and “needs” to get an idea of what the project would cost us. I didn’t have many “needs” because quite honestly I just wanted a space to throw all Lincolns crap in and be able to shut the door and walk away LOL however one of the few things I told Kyle I NEEDED [like couldn’t live without] was black door handles. I didn’t so much care what the actual door looked like because I knew I’d paint them white and you’d barely notice the details but I made it very clear that I wasn’t settling for anything other than black levers.

To me it was a no brainer to check out the Schlage website and see what options they had because we currently have Schlage Accent Lever with Addison trim on all of our main floor doors and they are amazing quality. After browsing the website I came across the Latitude Lever with Century trim collection in matte black and fell in love. It was exactly what I always pictured.. square, modern and matte black . Check, check, check. Need. Need. Need. I’ll admit tho, I was eyeing a few different styles like the Custom Eller Lever with Century TrimCustom Broadway Lever with Collins Trim and the Custom Northbrook Lever with Upland Trim. For all my fellow Canadians click here to find out what levers/knobs are available in Canada and where you can purchase them.
                   BEFORE     |     AFTER

Fast forward a few weeks and you guys should of saw my face when the levers arrived. I was so FREAKEN excited and couldn’t WAIT to put them on the doors. Of course because nothing ever goes as planned, Kyle ended up crashing his four-wheeler and was out of commission for a few weeks and without going into too much detail we had some other family stuff happen so the project took a lot longer than expected. Buttttttt let me tell ya friends… the wait was 100% worth it. The Schlage levers look absolutely perfect in the space and are the best quality.

For those curious – we have 6 single doors + 2 sets of double doors in the basement. For the double doors we went with non-turning handles. On the bedroom, bathroom, furnace room + laundry room doors we went with bed + bath so that they had the ability to lock and for the bathroom closet the hall + closet style was the best choice.

I’d love to know, are you a knob or lever kinda person? Also, what’s your favourite way to make a large statement in a renovation with a low price tag? Leave your comments down below! XO

FYI Schlage Canada Can Be Found On:

Canadian Website

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