Artwork That Doesn’t Require A Drill OR A Husband ;)

Who else dreads buying [or being gifted] something that requires your husbands precious *insert eye roll* time to hangup? …because between you and I those items always sit un-hung & dusty in the “stuff my husband needs to do” pile which at this point is almost touching the ceiling. I was so excited to collaborate with Displate on these five thin metal, magnet mounting beauties that took 20 seconds to hang and required only the supervision from my 1 year old.

Displate has thousands of posters to choose from that are all created by various [and extremely] talented artists. The 5 posters that I chose were designed by Louis Ros and can be found here. I’m not going to lie I spent a solid hour on the website trying to decide which route to go.. like did I want something funny? serious? floral? vintage? and after much back and forth I picked THIS IS MY SIGNIFICANT OTTER, DONUT GIVE UP!, WARRANTY VOID IS SEAL IS BROKEN, DON’T BE A PRICK!, and YOU ARE UNBEARABLE in the medium sized poster [45cm by 32cm] which is the perfect size to fit 5 wide above the toy unit in Lincoln’s playroom.

Like I mentioned in the beginning these posters are made from thin metal and require no holes in the wall and quite honestly not a heck of a lot of precision. Each piece of artwork comes with a large magnet that sticks to your wall and because the entire poster is metal the magnet will stick to any part of it. You can see in the picture below that the magnets aren’t completely straight or evenly spaced apart but once you hang the posters and do a few adjustments you’re good to go! The first time I placed the posters on the wall I realized they sat too high and there was too much blank space between the cabinet + the art work but because of the magnet concept I was easily able to move them down a few inches and it looked MUCH better.

For those interested in purchasing art work for yourself and/or a friend you can use the code JESSICA20 for 20% off your entire order. I’d love to know in the comments below.. which poster[s] do you love? My husband’s obsessed with the Supercars Blueprints by Rockstone, another one of my favourites is the Fancy Animal collection by Andy Westface [they would be adorable in a nursery] and the Minimalist Travel Posters by Henry Rivers would be SO cool for those who’ve travelled.. dont’cha think?

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