Goodbye Glam, Hello Modern! [Kitchen Update For Less Than $300]

For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I built our home in 2014 from the ground up. Yeah, like we did all the framing, floors, electrical, etc. How it didn’t end up in a divorce I’m not sure LOL. My vision for our home was rustic-glam which now I’m like ew, but at the time I was like YASSSS! For the last year or so I’ve been slowly removing all the rustic + glam pieces and adding a more modern vibe.

Our latest project was removing our old kitchen faucet with something square and modern. We [aka ME because let’s be honest mama makes all the design choices around here] decided on the Grohe “Tallinn” Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet with the SuperSteel Infinity Finish [to match our stainless appliances] and I couldn’t be happier. To me, having a pull-out spray spout is an absolute necessity. I actually just had a friend tell me she didn’t have one and I’m like what? huh? excuse me? Like, how do you clean your sink and get all the soap suds down the drain? LOL. A pull-down faucet allows greater control, accessibility and convenience for all kitchen tasks and is a MUST-HAVE, for real. Two other non-negational requirements when finding the perfect faucet IMO would be a dual spray [stream and spray] and the pull-out spray HAS to easily retract and lock into place which it should be no surprise since I’m obsessed with this kitchen faucet that it fits all requirements. Check, check and check again! XO


The Tallinn kitchen faucet can be purchased here for $299 CND. Some of you might consider this a high price tag but FYI prior to finding this faucet I was looking at another that was almost $600 so yeah $299 is actually a great price and the quality is outstanding. Oh and how can I forget… the LIFETIME WARRANTY. Say what?! The GROHE Starlight gives the faucet a radiant long-life shine that resists dirt and tarnishing and for those wondering how to remove any water spots? All you need is a microfibre cleaning towel like this one.

My only “warning” with this faucet would be to make sure you check before installing if you’re going to need hot and cold extension pieces. That being said the same advice goes for all faucets not necessarily this specific one, like our last tap required extensions as well but for some reason when we decided to install this beauty at 9pm on a Thursday night we didn’t check if extensions were required and after taking out the old faucet [and breaking it] my husband realized… and of course because we live in a small town everything was closed and I had to wait until the next day after my husband was home from work to hook up the Tallinn. Whatever friends, it was #worththewait because #hididyouseethisbeauty?

A few more things you should know about the Tallinn Kitchen Pull-Out Faucet is:
1. The forward-rotating lever handle eliminates backsplash interference which FYI not 
all faucets are like this which is super important IMO.2. Once installed, the spout is just under 16″ which makes it easy to not only bath your babe in the sink but also fill large pots with water which is amaaazzzinnnggg if you’re anything like me and make pasta 5x a week LOL
3. A “deck plate” is also included in the box [although we didn’t use it]

If for whatever reason the SuperSteel Infinity Finish is not your thing you can also purchase the same facuet in a Chrome finish here. AND if you’re anything like me and you’re obsessed with the look of the Tallinn kitchen faucet, they also have an entire collection of bathroom faucets which include single handledouble handle and tub & shower faucets in a variety of finishes.

Final thoughts? I love this faucet and I would truly recommend it to anyone. It’s worth the $300 price tag and has made a large impact on my kitchen. …. now if only I could get rid of those  dang chandeliers 😛

I have to know, do you have a pull-out kitchen faucet? If not, how do you survive? Serious question.

[This project was sponsored by The Home Depot Canada but all opinions are my own]

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