My real thoughts on Casper..

Hands up if you dream about going to bed the second you wake up? 🙋x100000000 because struggle is REAL.

For those who have never heard of Casper they sell mattresses-in-a-box, bed frames, sheets and pillows that are delivered right to your door. How fckn convenient is that?

Casper has three mattress options: The Essential ($450+), The Casper($725+) and The Wave($1,300+) which can be purchased in 6 different sizes from twin to CAL king. We own (and love) The Casper in King which retails for $1,275. The pillows can be purchased in Standard($85) or King($100) depending on what size of mattress you own and the Sheet Sets($180) can be purchased in all sizes in six different colour combinations. We own the white/slate set and king size pillows. I’ve put together a list of pros and cons because even though I love the mattress (like stated above) there are a few cons I’d like to share.


  • Casper offers a 100 night risk free trail. If you’re unhappy with your mattress they’ll send a courier out to pack up and remove the product and you’ll receive a full refund.
  • All Casper products are shipped right to your door which means you can avoid in-store mattress shopping with your significant other because we all know that leads to nothing but fights. Ami’right or Am-I-Freaken-Right?
  • The mattress is quite firm so depending on your preference this could be a great thing or a deal-breaker. I’ll be honest I’m pretty easy going and I’m happy to sleep on something super soft or very firm.
  • Delivery was SO fast. Like.. SO fast.
  • The pillows are insanely comfortable and according to the Casper website “The inner pillow is filled with nearly a billion coated fibers, creating an adaptive, liquid-like feel that responds to your movements through the night. The outer pillow features longer fibers to give it a plush, cushioning finish.” Yep I totally believe that. They’re the most comfortable pillows I’ve ever owned and after one sleep I moved my old pillows to the spare bed for my guests.. #sorrynotsorry #notsharingmycasperpillow 😉



  • Ok this isn’t really a “con” unless you’re like me and was really hoping to get photos of the box but unfortunately it came really banged up and damaged HOWEVER there was ZERO damage to the mattress so if you don’t give a sh!t about the box then it won’t be a big deal to you.
  • Like I mentioned in my “pros” The Casper is quite firm which I personally don’t mind (in fact I love) but my husband has commented a few times that he wishes it was a little softer hmmm.. men *insert eye roll here*
  • I LOVE the sheet set however I do find the fitted sheet to be quite large and it doesn’t fit snug to the mattress. I tried drying it on a high-heat setting thinking it might shrink a tad but nerp no such luck!

We’ve owned The Casper mattress for just under three weeks and so far, so good. I’m 99.999999% certain I would be taking advantage of their 100 risk free trial 😉 Anyways.. I’m about to publish this post and curl up in bed. Casper and I have a date tonight so GTG BYE GIRL BYE.

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