Good Reads For Toddlers

Who else has a little book worm? Seriously you guys my kid is obsessed with reading. OK ok he’s obsessed with flipping the pages but at one year’s old isn’t that practically the same thing? LOL. It blows my mind that Lincoln knows the difference between his books..  like he knows which ones are his favourites and the one’s he prefers to throw at the dog and if you ask him to grab the “DADA” book from a pile he will ruffle through until he finds the correct book. Can we just take a minute and say #genius #justlikehismama

I’ve put together a list of Lincoln’s FAVOURITE books and I’ve bolded his absolute favouritest favourites. All of these are mama + baby approved. Yeah, after the millionth time reading DADA I could probs take a break for a solid week but wtvr. Happy kid = happy mom. Ya feel me? I’ve made it easy and directed all links to Amazon because well.. fast shipping, good prices and easy AF to check out.

I’d love you forever if you’d take a second outta your busy day to leave a few book suggestions down below because I can recite every single one of the books listed above. Seriously. DADA, MOOOOOOOOO.

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  • Great list – if you and Lincoln are interested in classical music I am happy to send you a code for Tongo Music (Parents´Choice Gold Award 2017) for iOS oder Android

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