Lincoln’s First Birthday – Inexpensive, Minimal Yet Cute!

I know every single parent says this but HOLY COW that first year flew by and HOLY COW I have a one year old. When? Where? Why? What? How? LOL.

A few weeks ago we celebrated Lincoln’s first birthday. I wanted to keep it inexpensive, minimal yet cute and fun. After hours of searching Pinterest I decided on a dinosaur theme because well.. he owns a crap load of dinosaurs and like I mentioned above I wanted to keep things inexpensive so it was less thing(s) I needed to buy.

I knew whatever “theme” I went with I would be incorporating a balloon arch because I’ve loved them for years. FYI: The balloon arch was 100x more difficult than I imagined and I received a second degree burn from the “low temperature” glue gun. Nope I’m sorry that thing was hot AF and burned the shit out of my arm LOL… but in the end it looked SO good so #worthit #thingswedoforourkids #andinstagram HA!

I brought decorative paper and little pom poms at Michaels to make the party hats and attached them with a low temperature glue gun which was easy to remove from the dinosaurs once the party was over so yay!

I kept the cake VERY simple and went with the “naked cake” style. I’ll be honest I only added the leaves to the bottom because after purchasing them for the balloon arch (and paying a crap load of money for them) I decided against using them but stupid me threw out the receipt so five minutes before the guests arrived I threw them on the cake. In the end I like how it turned out but it was definitely not my plan from the beginning.

Lincoln’s cake was VERY basic and thinking back I should of done a coloured icing so that the “smash cake” pictures would of turned out better but whatever. He still loved it and looked cute AF eating it soo….

What theme did you do for your one year old’s birthday?! I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment down below! XO

I can’t believe in 11 months I will be celebrating his second birthday. Mind = Blown.

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