Best Single Stroller Under $300

Finding an amazing stroller with a reasonable price tag is no easy task.. kinda like picking a name and birthing your child (ouchhhhh) but lemme tell ya ladies and gentleman.. I finally found the perfect (pretty inexpensive) stroller and imma tell ya all about err.

Valco Baby is an Australian company but can be purchased at many Canadian and American retailers. For example it can be purchased here at Snuggle Bugz in Canada for $449.99 and here on Amazon in the United States for $230. Side note WTF is everything so much cheaper in the US *insert crying emoji here* LOL. 

If you follow me on Instagram you’re probably like “but you already own the UPPAbaby Vista why did you need another stroller” and truth is while I absolutely love my vista I was on the hunt for a single stroller that was light weight, easy to fold and call me lazy (cuz I totally am) but I loved the idea of having two strollers – one in my husbands truck and the other in my SUV. 

The SNAP 4 fit all my “must haves” for a single stroller with a few extra bonuses. The stroller is just over 14lbs (compared to the vista which is 26.5 lbs) and is so fckn easy to maneuver. The seat fully reclines which an awesome feature, especially if your kiddo is known to fall asleep in the stroller. You can purchase the SNAP 4 in three different colours (grey marle, night black and denim) and believe it or not the stroller is suitable for newborns. Like most strollers you can purchase a crap load of accessories but a few of my favourites would be the “hitch hiker” which is a board that attaches to the back of the stroller and can be used for kids that are 2+ and weigh less than 66lbs, the “snap sports pack” which gives the lightweight stroller a rugged edge and the “caramel leatherette handle/bumper bar grips” which add a lot of character to the stroller and IMO make it look a little more high end.

A couple negatives about the stroller would be the fact the handle bar doesn’t adjust like the UPPA and the seat doesn’t have the option of facing in and out. However that being said this is still a kick ass stroller and for $230 you really shouldn’t expect it to be 100% perfect ya’know.

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