How To Carry Your Kid Without Hurting Your Back

I don’t care if your child is 7 pounds or 27 – carrying them for an extended period of time is going to hurt your back. Period. However… what if I told you that there’s a carrier on the market with lumbar support which prevents lower back strain and makes carrying your babe way fckn easier. Well whoooooop there is and imma give you a quick review below!

The LILLEbaby Original 6-1 has 6 carrying positions which are fetal, infant, face out, toddler, hip and back and can be used for babes 7-45lbs. The carrier also comes with a removable hood that can be used to support your babies’s head while sleeping, can give you a lil’ privacy while nursery & also protects their eyes from the sun. It also has two large pockets to store whatever the F you want (probs goldfish let’s be honest.. cause kids) and unlike most baby carriers the LILLEbaby Original does not require an infant insert which TG because you already have to buy so much other sh!t for babies so not having to buy an extra gadget is ideal. Save where you can ya’know? The original carrier is made from 100% cotton and is machine washable which again TG because kids spit up all da fckn time.

I’ve owned the LILLEbaby carrier for about a month so I missed out on the opportunity to use the fetal and infant carrying positions however judging by the amazing reviews on Amazon and the LILLEbaby website I think it’s safe to say mama’s (and babies) love those positions.

My personal two favourite ways to carry Lincoln are facing out and on the hip. Both are easy-peasy and don’t require an extra set of hands to help you out. The LILLEbaby comes with an amazing instruction book but if for whatever reason you are still confused after reading you can find a variety of tutorials on the website by clicking here. You can purchase the LILLEbaby here in Canada and here in the US on Amazon. You can also purchase it here on the LILLEbaby website.

LILLEbaby sells six different COMPLETE 6-1 baby carriers, two Essentials 4-1 baby carriers, two CarryOn Toddler and one SeatMe Hip Seat. You can purchase wraps and ring slings from LILLEbaby as well if structured baby carriers aren’t your thing. The colour and pattern selection is incredible. Of course I picked the black with gold accents (cause monochrome for life) but they do have a variety of colour options as well.

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that a few months ago I posted a photo of Lincoln in the Baby Bjorn. That carrier is decent however your babe can only be facing in or facing out and doesn’t have the option to carry them on your back. I didn’t realize that when I purchased the Baby Bjorn so I was happy AF to find a carrier that allows me to carry Lincoln on my back because the heavier he gets the easier it will be on my bodaaaayyyy to carry him that way. The LILLEbaby is a little more expensive but honestly worth the extra few dollhairs. The carrier is quite large and I had a hard time fitting it into my skip hop diaper bag but honestly that’s the only “negative” thing about the Original 6-1 LILLEbaby carrier. Yep yep that’s it! Let me know if you have any questions XO

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