Diaper Bag Essentials ft. Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack

This is for all the mamas who are curious and creepy AF (like myself) and want a VIP tour inside my diaper bag. Imma fill you in with what I like to consider essentials – must have items in yo diaper bag.

While pregnant I was one of those mamas who unpacked, repacked, unpacked, RE-PACKED their stupid diaper bag a million + one times while very impatiently (obviously) waiting for their little bundle of joy to arrive. You would’ve thought that during one of those late night empty-the-entire-diaper-bag-out sessions I would of realized how silly it was that I didn’t own a backpack style diaper bag because let me tell you trying to carry your infant in the extremely heavy car seat and all the other shit you need PLUS a “purse style” diaper bag is boarder line im-friggen-possible. Well.. almost eight months later and I am the proud owner of the Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack which can be purchased here at Cheeky Monkey and I couldn’t be happier.

This diaper bag has three separate compartments + a side pouch which fits my tupperware water bottle perfectly.

I have officially claimed the first (and smallest) compartment with all my daily essentials b/c isn’t that how it works when you become a mom… you give the best shit to your kids? Yep.

A million + one hair elastics
Lipstick and/or lipchap
Pocket mirror
Eyelash glue
Advil (cause babies and learning their voice – ouch)

The middle (and largest compartment) is where I keep the majority of Lincoln’s shit. It’s hard to tell but there’s two built in pockets which I like to keep diapers in so it’s easy-peasy to find cause can we all just agree that changing your kid’s ass in the public washroom is slightly uncomfortable – like every single person that walks by has to look at you? Like girl take a fckn picture it lasts longer jk don’t b/c that’s creepy AF.

Wipes (can someone plz tell me where to get a nice wipe holder cause this one is ugly AF)
Mustela Sun Spray
Plastic Bags
Hand Sanitizer
Mustela Cleansing Water
Tylenol (#preparedfortheworst)
Nail Clippers
Musetla Sun Screen (full review here)
Diaper Rash Cream (which I have yet to open so I could probs take this out)
Re-Play Re-Cycle Snack Container w/ Puffs (cause kids)
Nuby Teether
Boston Terrier Rattle from The Chevron Heart
Swaddle Blanket (which I like to keep in the diaper bag because blankets > terrible quality changing mat that comes with all Skip Hop diaper bags – sorry Skip Hop but #truth)

Obviously diaper bag essentials will vary from mama to mama and baby to baby so leave me a comment letting me know your DB essentials cause this bag is huge AF and I could def fit a few more things in thurrrr.

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