Monochrome Tableware, Say Waaaaaat?

I remember walking down the plastic tableware isle at Walmart literally wanting to barf. I always thought to myself (and probably said out loud a few times because #nofilter) why TF do companies make the ugliest sippy cups and plastic bowls ever. Why TF does Paw Patrol and Dora the Explorer need to be on FCKN everything!!!!!!!!!!

I was 2.0 seconds away from skipping the sippy cup stage and going straight to adult cups (k prob not possible) or creating my own tableware line (k again prob not possible) so thankfully I stumbled upon Re-Play Re-Cycle and died a little inside when I saw they recently released a monochrome collection. Black and white plates, bowls, drinking cups, sippy cups, snack pods and utensils? Girl, sign me up.

A little bit of info incase you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard of Re-Play (don’t feel bad… I was living under a rock too until a month or so ago. Heck, we were prob living under the same rock #rockmates) LOL. Re-Play products are made from curbside collected HDPE plastic aka re-cycled milk jugs and are dishwasher safe however like most plastic they are not microwave safe. Everything on the website is so damn affordable and durable AF which TG b/c Lincoln finds it hilarious to throw the sippy cup off the highchair over and OVER again. The monochrome collection that I own retails for $110 USD and comes with 48 pieces which according to my handy-dandy iPhone calculator that makes each piece roughly $2.30 cents. You can purchase the monochrome collection here in the US and here in Canada.


Young Lux is a Canadian company that sells monochome, bamboo fiber, light weight, dishwasher safe plates for kids and they are equally as amazing. The set of 4 retails for $38 CND and can be purchased here. I’m crossing my fingers & toes they come out with more tableware because the plates are sooooooo good. Keep in mind they are not quite as white in person but still ah-may-zing.

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