Must-Have: Monochrome Baby Clothing

Hi, my name is Jessica Van Gaalen and I am monochrome obsessed. My life motto is if it doesn’t come in black, white or grey I don’t want it, don’t need it, get it away from meeeeeeee. Just kidding (kinda) .. please send help LOL.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should because I post cute photos of my kid errrrday) you already know that I’m afraid of colour (almost as much as spiders) and Lincoln is in neutral colours 99.9% of the time.


I get questions all the time asking where I purchase Lincoln’s clothing so I figured I would make a blog post linking a few of my favourite shops/clothing pieces. I purchase 90% of Lincoln’s clothing online because I have yet to find a good store (minus H&M, Zara Kids and the odd thing at Old Navy) that has cute kids clothes.

Little Bipsy
Little Bipsy is an online-only small shop based out of Washington. Lincoln currently owns two Little Bipsy rompers and they are AH-MAY-ZING. Both are soft AF, wash 100% and look so fckn cute on. They retail for $24 USD and can be purchased here. A few of my other favourite brands that LB sells are Beau Hudson, Kipp Kids. HUXBABY and Lucky No 7.

Basic Button Romper – Grey / Basic Button Romper – Black

Beau Hudson
Ohhh BH … one of the only companies I could legit say I want one of everything plz & thx. Beau Hudson is an Australia based company that sells adult, kid and baby clothing. The jeans are so stretchy and are the only pants I’ve found that actually look like skinny jeans on Lincoln’s chicken legs. The knit beanies are 100% and I want them in every fkcn colour…. oh and they sell adult clothing to match your kid and it’s just the best. Seriously. Twinning is winning, amiright? You can purchase BH here in the US and here in Canada or you can order here from the Beau Hudson website.

Knit Beanie – Black / Blue Denim Jegs Knit Beanie – Beige / Beau Sweater

Wooly Doodle
Wooly Doodle is a Canadian company based out of Chatham, Ontario. They are launching a lounge line on August 18th (set an alarm) and let’s just put it this way… if the romper Lincoln owns came in my size I promise you I wouldn’t take it off for DAYS.. seriously. You can purchase WD here in Canada and they also ship to the US.

LTL PPL is based out of Australia. Like Beau Hudson, I seriously want E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G! All the clothing on their website is black, white or grey soooo it’s like a little slice of monochrome heaven. Click here to check out their website and here to stalk their Instagram page.

Black Drop Crotch Leggings – Letters / Grey Drop Crotch Leggings – Sprinkles 

Wild World Clothing Co
Wild World Clothing Co is a Canadian company based out of Waterloo, Ontario. They sell the cutest white pyjamas and graphic T’s. I find the tee’s fit on the baggier side but are still cute AF. Click here to browse the website.

Hippie Tee / Cool Kids Never Sleep PJ’s / Pinky Swear Tee / Tres Bien Tee

Orcas Lucille
Orcas Lucille is a brand new business based out of Washington. They are officially launching August 21st but I was lucky enough to receive a few items prior to their launch. The second I opened the package I just knew I had to include them because I’m not joking when I say the fabric is so fckn soft and the fit is 100%. Click here to follow them on Instagram and be the first to know when the website goes live.

A few other companies I love (in no particular order)
Blush & Navy
Channing Baby Co
Tate and Tess
Baby Breeze
Kipp Kids

I feel like I’m forgetting another company…. shoot. Like Lincoln’s wardrobe this list will continue to grow so keep checkin’ back.

Leave a comment below and let me know what other “MUST HAVE” posts you’d like to see. I wouldn’t mind doing a must-have series for you wonderful human beings.

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