Hatch Baby Grow vs. Keekaroo Peanut Changer

Wait.. I can change my kids a$$, track his feedings, sleep, diapers, length and weight all with one product? ONE FCKN PRODUCT? Staaaaaaaap! Those were actual words that flew outta my mouth when I found out about the Hatch Baby Grow. No lie.

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I am in LOVE with my Keekaroo Peanut Changer. I have raved about that damn thing multiple times but lemme tell ya straight up the Grow gives Keekaroo a run for their monnnaaaayyyy. The Grow retails for $129 USD and can be purchased here. The Keekaroo retails for $129.95 USD and can be purchased here in the US and here in Canada.

If your kid is anything like my kid, they are going to pee and poop on the changing pad M.U.L.T.I.P.L.E times but TG the Hatch is made of wipeable foam which makes it super-duper eaaaaasy to clean b/c I’m sry but ain’t NOBODY got time to wash a fabric changing pad every fckn day and if you do well than gurrrrllll you ain’t human.

My favourite thing about the Grow is the fact it’s doubles as a scale and figures out the growth %ile to worldwide data and other Hatch baby users. It also calculates the length %ile too. For those curious and I’m sure zero of you are but Lincoln is in the 100%ile for height and 33%ile for weight. Oh, forgot to mention…. all of this information is stored in the Hatch Baby app sooo yeah. That’s the first thing you need to do once you receive your changing pad. To track diapers, length, sleep and feeds you will need to input all the information manually but it’s quick AF so it’s not a big deal however I’ll be honest I don’t use the app to the full potential because Lincoln is 7m old and I don’t feel the need to track how many diaper changes he has per day or how many times I feed him. That being said I know for my next kid I’ll use all these features from day 1 (ok.. maybe day 3 b/c I’m pretty sure those first 72 hours you’re so fckn tired you don’t even remember what a cellphone is) LOL

So yep. Long story short I love the Grow. It’s not as soft to the touch as the Keekaroo but that’s because the bottom of the Grow is plastic unlike the Keekaroo which is solid foam. Also the Keekaroo is 4″ longer and 2″ wider butttttt the Grow has a lot more to offer and the fact it’s a scale is pretty much the best thing ever. Like I mentioned above you can purchase the Grow here in the US and unfortunately I am unable to find a link to a Canadian website. Ugh. Sorry friends.

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