MUST HAVE: The Smartest Baby Video Monitor For 2017

It’s 2017 which means all baby monitors should be viewable on your smart phone, amiright? Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is a complete game changer and a must have for all soon-to-be moms, moms with littles or fur baby moms.

First things first…. the packaging is incredible. I’m a sucker for packaging which often leads buy things based solely on how they look.. like I purposely have to avoid the organic/gluten free section in the grocery store because 9 times outta 10 the packaging is white with minimal writing and I’m like GIMMIE IT. I WANT IT. I NEED IT. and then I get home and realize it’s black bean brownies and I don’t even fckn like black beans.

Secondly the actual product kicks ass. Like I mentioned above it’s a complete game changer and must have.

Setting up the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor is extremely easy. All you need to do is download the free app onto your smart phone, plug in the cam and follow the minimal steps. Easy, peasy lemon squeezy.

7 Reasons Why I Love The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor
(in no particular order)


  • The camera quality is amazing. I previously owned the Summer Infant Video Monitor and the video quality doesn’t even compare. The Lollipop is way more clear and you can zoom in farther (which call me crazy but I am always zooming in on Lincoln’s chest to make sure he’s still breathing #paranoidmama)
  • Hands down the best thing about this camera is you can check in on our little one even when you’re not home. Most baby monitors will only work within a certain range but the Lollipop can be viewed from anywhere around the world. How amazing is that? Remember how I said above that mamas with fur babies need this camera as well… now you know why. Last week when I went shopping for the day I moved the monitor into the living room so I could see what Harley was up to when I wasn’t home.. and let’s just say my theory of “he just sleeps all day” was totally wrong. He was doing everything and anything but sleeping LOL.
  • The two-way communication. On the app there’s a little microphone in the bottom right hand corner which allows you to communicate with your kiddo. I’ll be honest I don’t use this feature a lot now HOWEVER I know when Lincoln moves into a toddler bed and does what all kids do and gets outta bed a million times a night I will be telling him in my mama voice to get back in bed LOL.
  • When the camera detects noise it creates a 30 second “event video” which is SO cool. It saves all the videos in the app so you can view them anytime you like.
  • The camera can tell the difference between a cry from other noises and will alert you by either saying “noise detection” or “crying detection”
  • The app allows you to take a “picture of the day” and after you have 5 photos saved you can create a GIF.
  • There are three ways to install the camera unlike other baby cam’s where you only have the option of setting the camera on a shelf. The shape of the monitor looks weird AF but the long tail has a lot of flexibility which allows you to easily bend it to sit on a flat surface, wrap around the crib or attach it to the wall using the branch-like accessory that comes in the kit (also screws/3M stickers work as well.)


2 Things I Would Change About The Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor


  • The Lollipop has a list of music and sounds that will play through the monitor for up to 30 minutes which is great however I wish the sound would continuously play until you manually turned it off.
  • I wish the colour selection was better. It comes in Turquoise (that’s the colour I own), Cotton Candy and Pistachio. For all the monochrome mama’s out there like myself I would of loved to have a black, white or grey option.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… ERRRRRBODY needs this video monitor! You can purchase it here in Canada and the US. For some reason Amazon will only ship the Turquoise colour to Canada but let’s be honest it’s the nicest colour out of the three anyways.

Like always I’m here to answer any questions you might have regarding the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor by leaving a comment below, e-mailing or messaging me on Instagram.

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