Transform your IKEA Antilop Highchair from basic to beautiful.

I know I know the ANTILOP high chair is bomb right. It’s cheap (no joke $25 CND) and easy to clean which is why everybody and their mama owns this damn high chair BUT listen it’s boring. It’s off white with silver legs and just plain boring with a capital B. I’m all for being minimalist and obviously I love white (refer to my previous blog posts here and here or Instagram for proof) but I also love turning something basic into something more fun and unique.

I have followed Yeah Baby on Instagram for months now and have literally been obsessed with their feed. Katie runs a very successful (700+ five star reviews) Etsy shop where she sells IKEA high chair accessories (for ANTILOP and BLAMES) and home decor. She currently has 7 silicone mat colours, 60+ fabric choices for the pillows, storage boxes and high chair covers. If you’re wanting to purchase a high chair cover but don’t already own the PYTTIG support pillow you can find them on her website as well for $10 USD.

Picking a cover & silicone mat colour was not easy. I’m not joking it took me a solid hour to decide on which print I wanted but after thinking long and hard I decided on black painted dots highchair cover and charcoal grey silicone mat. The Emerald Watercolor Cactus, Black Stripe, and Bone Mudcloth were just a few that were also on the top of my “MUST HAVE” list.

Cover | Silicone Mat

The FDA grade silicone mat has already made clean up so much easier and a heck of a lot faster and every second counts amiright? It’s easy to remove and shake off the food that didn’t make it into your kids mouth.. which on average is half their meal. It can also quickly be rinsed with warm soapy water or placed on the top rack of the dish washer.

The high chair cover will eventually get dirty because kids are messy AF but you can easily throw it into your washing machine in cold water using the gentle cycle setting.

I also went ahead and spray painted the boring, basic, overdone silver legs to gold and the outcome was amaaaazzzing! I posted a picture in my “story” last week on Instagram and received an overwhelming amount of messages asking what high chair I had and where to purchase it. The cushion cover, silicone mat and spray painted legs were a very inexpensive way to turn the IKEA high chair into something totally awesome!

Andddddd guess what? I have a 15% off coupon to offer you guys that can be used on the entire website. The code is: JVANGAALEN15 !!!! All I ask when you use my code is you comment below or message me on Instagram and let me know what cover and/or silicone mat you chose! Good luck trying to decide on a fabric and colour (it’s seriously so hard) and HAPPY SHOPPING FRIENDS!

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