OOTD: Twinning with my little human ft. Little Bipsy

Twinning with your little human is seriously the best ever… E.V.E.R! Any chance I get to wear a matching outfit with Lincoln I take and runnnnnn with it because I know one day he will be like “MOM you’re so lame” so until then.. bring on the matching outfits all day errrr day.

You guys.. this Little Bipsy basic button romper that Lincoln is wearing is so good. Like… so, so good. It’s cheap AF but the quality is ah-may-zing. Lincoln may or may not have worn it for 3 days straight #sorrynotsorry #itwasntthatdirty LOL

Lincoln’s Romper: Little Bipsy Basic Black Button Romper Shoes: Little Bipsy High Tops in Conor
Mama’s Romper: H&M (of course it’s not on the website but you can purchase the short version here)

Lincoln is just over 6m old (28″ tall) and wearing size 9-12m and size 3 shoes. The shoes are a little big but because they are high tops you can totally get away with it. They don’t fall off and the best part.. they will fit him longer! Yippie!

Two pieces of advice when ordering your LB romper. Number 1: When measuring your babe to decide which size you want to order make sure you only measure from shoulder to heel and not head to heel like I did when I ordered the basic grey romper whoops. Number 2: Understand that once you order one romper you are going to want both colours in every size because it’s THAT good.

Just incase y’all didn’t believe me that Lincoln wears the romper ALL THE TIME… well here’s the proof HAHA. The Beau Hudson Black Knit Beanie can also be purchased at Little Bipsy.

Happy shopping!

2 thoughts on “OOTD: Twinning with my little human ft. Little Bipsy”

  • Love both of your rompers!
    To bad your’s isn’t on the H+M website, but truthfully if it means I have to go there… aww shucks. 🙂 I definitely love that store. Pretty much my entire wardrobe is from there.

    • Isn’t H&M the best? Typically the prices are extremely reasonable and the quality is amazing!

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