Modern + Monochrome Gender Neutral Nursery

Can we all agree that any excuse to redecorate a room in our house is the BEST evaaa? Finding out I was pregnant with Lincoln was so exciting for many different reasons. Obviously number one was the fact I was going to be a mom, but realizing I get to decorate a nursery was a close second (ok… not close but you know what I mean ha ha)

I’m embarrassed to even admit how many hours (hmmm days) I spent on Pinterest trying to decide on which style I wanted to do. I knew I wanted white walls, white furniture and not a whole lot of colour. Everything I fell in love with on Pinterest ending up falling in the “Modern and Monochrome” style. Lots of white with black and gold accents and because I’m sure my husband would’ve killed me if I didn’t add some sort of colour to the room, I decided on green.

I fell in love with the Watercolour Cactus Wallpaper by Anewall but it was WAY out of my budget. I couldn’t justify spending the same amount on wallpaper as I did on my rocking chair so I asked one of my besties to paint me a few watercolour cactus paintings. They look A-MAY-ZING and fit the space perfectly.

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve already seen a thousand nursery shots #sorrynotsorry. See below all different angles of Lincoln’s nursery and links where you can purchase almost errrthang. Truth is 99% of the things in the nursery (and in the rest of my house) are from Home Sense/Home Goods which is great for me because it was all significantly cheaper than other stores however it makes it difficult to link exact items for everything in the room so imma do my best. If there’s something I didn’t link and you’re curious where it’s from please leave a comment, e-mail or direct message me on my IG page. I’m reaaaaaaally nice… I promise 🙂

Keekaroo Peanut Changer | RIBBA Ikea Frame

Ubbi Diaper Pail

Book Shelf | Personalized Lincoln Print | Dudley the Dragon

Crib | The Birth Poster

Mushybook | Deer Stuffie |24″ Floating Shelf

4″ Wall Decals Sputnik Light Fixture

Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker | Similar Accent Table | Jellycat Bunny | Cactus Pillow | Black & White Pillows | Pouf


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