While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

Motherhood has taught me a lot. I’ve learnt how quickly times flies. You blink and your babies are walking. I’ve learnt to never say never, and those things you swore you’d never do as a mom, you’ll probably end up doing. I’ve learnt the meaning of unconditional love and that your heart does in fact double in size when you have more babies. I’ve learnt that children are incredibly inspiring and truly make some of the best role models.

H&M Kids is running a global wide campaign encouraging you to rethink your role models, proving that age isn’t the key factor. There’s a plethora of reasons why children can be the greatest role models, if only we let them, and here’s why:

Children can teach us a lot about being present. They don’t worry about what happened in the past and certainly don’t fear the future. They focus all their attention and energy living in the now. No one lives more in the moment than kids do.

They’re unfiltered and brutally honest, while adults tend to overthink, second-guess, and often bite their tongue to avoid unnecessary arguments and/or opinions. Children say exactly what’s on their mind and while at time this can be embarrassing (like when they tell their teacher’s mama likes wine) there’s something so beautiful about being unapologetically themselves. There’s no immense pressure to be perfect and I feel there’s so much they can teach us about not holding back and saying what’s on our mind.

They ask for help when they need it without hesitation. They don’t fear rejection or being perceived as needy and neither should we. Asking for help doesn’t mean we’re failing. It doesn’t need to be something to be embarrassed over. Never forget, it takes a village folks.

H&M Kids is contributing to a better future by amplifying the voices of a young generation – our NEW role
models. It’s time to switch the narrative that role models need to be someone older than us and put the spotlight on kids since they’re in fact the young changemakers of the future. While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. – Angela Schwindt. If you have a super special kid in your live you’d like to nominate, click here to sign up and if you have six minutes of your life, I highly recommend you check out this incredible film that was created by the H&M team. To say you’ll be inspired by the impact these kids are making would be an understatement.

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