Lincoln, Ayla, Cove, Daddy will always love you

Just me, or do you struggle with gift ideas for father’s day? I swear every time I come up with an idea, two days later an amazon package arrives and my husband purchased the thing I thought about gifting him.

I was recently introduced to Hooray Heroes and immediately knew this would be the PERFECT gift. It’s the world’s best personalized books that allow you to customize every family member to replicate each individual person.

I gave my husband the “daddy will always love you” book (early so that I could share it with y’all) which allowed me to personalize lincoln, ayla, cove and my husband kyle by picking their skin, hair, eye colour, as well as eye shape, hair style, accessories and more that best suited them in real life. The ordering process is incredibly easy, honestly I was able to create the book from start to finish in under ten minutes. In addition to customizing each family member, you also get to pick ten stories out of the incredible list to add to the book. OH and you get to add a dedication!!! I kept mine simple and just wrote “To the world you are a dad. To our family you are the world. Love you daddy!”

You can purchase all their books in both hard and soft cover and you can add a gift box for a small fee. Hooray Heroes was kind enough to offer a discount code (10JESSICA10 for 10% off) that can be used on top of already reduced prices for the next 72 hours. Click here to see all the titles Hooray Heroes has to offer!

If you purchase this book, or another one of their incredible titles please leave me a comment below or message me on insta. Better yet, record the reaction of your kids gifting the book to their dad and tag me!!! I’d love to see it xo

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