Anyone else in disbelief that Christmas is just over three weeks away? HOLY SH*T guys. I put up my tree so early that I thought I’d be organized for once in my life and have all the gifts bought before the end of November but nooooopppeeee.

I’ve been asked a handful of times what I’m getting my kids for Christmas so here you go folks. In no particular older, this is what Lincoln [3] and Ayla [under 1] will be receiving.

Dyson Vacuum For Kids
For Lincoln, this vacuum is less than $30 on Amazon, has a true-to-life sound with working suction & different attachments.
10 Pack of Paw Patrol Masks
Under $10, Lincoln is going to freak the fcuk out when he opens these masks! We already own the superhero pack and the quality is great for the price. If your kid is into capes, they have THIS mask + cape set.
Natural Wood Rainbow Stacker
I’ll be honest, Ayla isn’t getting a lot for Christmas because she truly doesn’t need much and I know she’ll just want all of Lincoln’s sh*t anyways, but I did get her this montessori wood stacker from Wood Wood Toys and I can’t wait for it to arrive! They sell both natural wood & coloured rainbows! The code JESVANGAALEN will save you 20% site-wide.
Wooden Forklift from Plan Toys
I’ll be honest, this collection of Plan Toys wooden vehicles isn’t cheap, in fact they’ll run ya $100 but I can promise you they’re the BEST quality and IMO worth every single penny. Lincoln owns the bulldozer and quite honesty has beat the shit out of it and it’s still in perfect condition. I’m slowly collecting the entire collection and once day I’ll add the firetruck and dump truck as well.
Ladybug Little Tikes Cozy Coupe
For Lincoln’s first Christmas my parents bought him the police car cozy coupe so to continue the tradition they got Ayla the ladybug version. This was by far Lincoln’s favourite gift and I know Ayla is going to love hers as well. To avoid any meltdowns we’ll be getting Lincoln a new one since we moved his police car outside and god knows they’ll be fighting over this car if we don’t buy another LOL.
Make a Face Sticker Pad
For less than $5 I picked up this sticker pad for Lincoln because bro is crazy into stickers and I couldn’t beat the price!
Kids Concept Doctors Kit
Y’all know I was going to get the Plan Toys Doctor Kit, that was until I found this beauty and couldn’t resist. Lincoln is going to D.I.E.
Fat Brain Spinagain Toy
I’ve heard NOTHING but good things about this toy so I picked it up for Ayla! FYI it’s currently $7 cheaper than what I paid so RUN.
Paw Patrol Toys
Thankful for my mom who bought Lincoln the entire set of these Paw Patrol toys, besides Marshall because we already have him.
Melissa and Doug Cleaning Set
Another toy we bought Lincoln for his first Christmas/Birthday but the broom was left outside, turned moldy and had to be thrown out so I’ll be replacing it and putting it under the tree for Miss. Ayla.
Old Navy House Coats
Matching housecoats for the babes. How cute?
Book Advent Calendar from buybuy BABY
Technically not a Christmas gift, but I did a book advent calendar for the kids with using 24 amazing titles from buybuy BABY. They seriously have the best selection of books ever!!!

K, I think that’s it. Minus socks, matching pjs and some little stocking stuffers but these are the bigger items. What are you getting your littles for Christmas? Would love to know since Lincoln’s birthday is less than two weeks after Christmas so I still need some ideas LOL.

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