Kitchen Organization on a Budget

I’m the kind of person who throws ALL THE THINGS in the dishwasher before company comes over, has spices + medication from 2013 and doesn’t like to toss out snacks that Lincoln has refused to eat for the past six months but enough is enough. Thankfully I’ve partnered with Lowe’s Canada to organize the heck outta my kitchen. I hope you’ll be as shocked as I was when you see the final transformation, as I was when I came across a rotten, half eaten apple in the back of the pantry cuz #kids.

78 thoughts on “Kitchen Organization on a Budget”

  • I love the transformation! My kitchen looks like your before & I thought I was organized! 😅 I was super organized before having kids. I swear! Your pantry looks unreal, way to go. 😍

  • This is so great – quick gratification is my jam! I’ll have to check out the pot drawers for sure!! (Ps spruce organizing is life changing 😂😂)

  • I’ll be getting those cabinet baskets and hopefully no longer finding onion layers literally everywhere in the pantry 😂

  • Wowwww! This is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I was jealous of your kitchen even with the mess but this is incredible. So much heart eyes!!

  • Love how functional everything is! Just pray your husband doesn’t create a junk drawer like mine did haha 🙅🏽‍♀️😠

  • I need some organization in my kitchen, wow you did such a wonderful job! If I give you our address will you do our kitchen too? LOL

  • I’m the type that’s constantly sorting and tossing…. but CONSTANTLY because I haven’t found a system that works for everyone in the house!
    I see your rotten apple and raise you 2 rotten sweet potatoes…. they melt btw!

  • My kitchen is in honesty horrible mess!! I have a 19 month old and expecting early May with our second and I need to get it in proper shape, our dog currently get everything off the counters and shelfs and bites/rips them. Can you please come and do this for me haha I’m in aww and jealous of your kitchen!

  • This is awesome! Would love to do this in our new home because we’re downsizing pantries…. need some organizational things to store lots of little items. Any good ideas for storing hot tea?

  • I’m obsessed with organizing. With a 5 month old that has me exhausted, the one thing that makes me calm is looking at clean, organized spaces.

  • Dude, EVERY room needs to be reorganized. Our whole neighborhood flooded last week and Servpro left our house in complete chaos. Once we finish the rehab, I’ll probably focus on our closets 👍🏻

  • The pouch organization and sippy cup organization though 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Wow! Seriously, I love the simplicity and the before and after looks like a brand new pantry! Thank you for the inspiration, I’m getting motivated to redo my own kitchen!

  • My kitchen is the problem area as well…I don’t clean there because it’s all hidden 😬
    Also..jealous of your replay stash!

  • Love the transformation! We just moved into a new house with a pantry like this! Need the drawers before my pantry becomes a mess (actually it already is). 🙈

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  • This is exactly what I need to go at the cupboards in my kitchen! Love the before and afters. #reallifeproblems #adulting

  • Wow!! That’s such an amazing transformation!! Looks like something only found on Pinterest! I’ve been wanting to organize my kitchen because we live in a small apartment, so this is some great inspiration! Thank you!!

  • Seriously looks amazing!!! These kinds of posts get me sooooo excited to do ours when we finish our kitchen Reno this winter!!!! Ahhhhh!!

  • Wow what a big difference a little organization makes! I have fallen in love with the Rev-A-Shelf Metal Pull Out Basket! It makes it so easy to see everything and the easy installation is the cherry on top!

    Instagram: @livingforserendipity

  • I can so relate! I have several drawers in my kitchen that need to be cleaned out and organized. My pantry could use some help too.

  • I feel more relaxed when my cupboards are organized and everything has its rightful place. Love before and after photos!

  • I’m pretty jealous. My favorite “calming techniques” is organizing and this looks like something I need to do asap!

  • Looks amazing! You’ve inspired me to start organizing and will definitely start with the kitchen as there are many hidden treasures to be found.
    Entered the contest on Instagram (Jolie238).

  • Wow, great job on your pantry! Isn’t it a great feeling? And so much easy to find stuff. I’m thinking I could use some organizing in the bathroom. Or under my kitchen sink. Thanks for sharing all your tips.

  • Love those pull out drawers!! My kitchen definitely needs to be better organized!! I also have spices from year unknown! My mom used to tell me, if you can’t smell the spice anymore, throw it out! 🙂 @mamalangs5

  • Wow! It looks amazing, I need to reorganize and clean out my kitchen too..I know there’s some expired stuff that needs to be thrown out lol

  • My pantry needs more organization, especially my baking cupcoard. Thankfully my pantry is all cupboards so the mess isn’t easily seen.

  • Love everything about this! Wow! Such an awesome transformation. Love the clear bins which makes everything so easy to see. So clean and fresh. Sounds super easy to install too! So many possibilities! Makes life so much simpler especially when you are in a hurry running after little ones. Love them!

  • I need a pantry reorganisation (or major renovation overhaul lol!) So badlyn! When we bought the house we said we would fix what the former owners had left but we haven’t managed to. Turns out they had hidden more problems that needed attention first. So we’re just throwing everything on shelves in baskets! Yikes!! I try, but it is definitely not the home I envisioned. Silly housing market! I LOVE the pull out shelving btw – so fantastic!

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  • OMG wow!! What a beautiful transformation!! Love the storage drawers.
    @kissifer19 on instagram

  • This looks amazing!! I’d love to do a kitchen transformation still trying to save to do our floors

  • I should probably get organized before it gets worse (11 month old). Lowe’s has some great ideas! I entered on Instagram @raisingakindsoul

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