Transitioning Toddler From Crib to the Endy Mattress

You know those moments in motherhood when you realize that “holy sh*t – I’m actually a mom and holy sh*t I’m the one who’s responsible for not only keeping this human alive, but transitioning them from a crib to a bed + potty training them. Yepppppp been there, felt that.

About three months ago I made the decision to transition Lincoln out of his crib. I’ll be honest.. he loved his crib. He never tried to climb out and slept through the night… so you’re probably like WHY would you EVER move him into a bed?! Are you craaaaaaaaaaaazy? Well listen, hear me out… I had a huge fear that if we kept Lincoln in his crib that the second we brought his baby sister/brother home in March he’d immediately start climbing out and I’d be in the newborn fog trying to transition him into a bed and can we all agree that sounds like a complete nightmare? K? Ok.

I went back and forth trying to decide if I wanted to get him the Canadian Made Endy mattress in twin or full ultimately decided that I’d rather invest in a mattress that he won’t outgrow in a few years, large enough that we could snuggle up on as a family or use as a spare bed if we had company over and I can truthfully say we made the BEST DECISION EVER.

For those who aren’t familiar with Endy – they’re Canadian Made, show up in a box at your front door and come with a 100-night risk free trail. If you don’t absolutely love it [which you will] BUT if you didn’t they’ll pick it up no questions asked and provide a full refund. Endy sells six different mattress sizes, pillows, sheets and mattress protectors.

Alright – I’m sure you’re all wondering how the transition went and it was 100x smoother than I ever expected. Here’s what we did:

Night One: We left the crib in the room and just had the mattress on the floor. Lincoln was extremely confused [as expected] but after about 30 minutes of fussing and getting on and off his mattress he fell asleep. He fell out of bed a couple of times [which wasn’t a big deal because we had pillows all around the mattress]

Night Two: Didn’t go as well as the first night. The crib was still set up in the bedroom and he refused to sleep on the mattress and kept trying to climb in the crib so after about an hour I gave him and put him in his crib and he fell right to sleep.

The Next Morning: I said to my husband we either take the crib out of his room and go full force into this transition thing or remove the mattress and wait another month or so BUT because the first night went so well we decided to just take down the crib and keep the mattress in his room! The third night was the best night out of the three and he only fell out of bed once, yay! I would 100% suggest to all parents that are going to start transitioning to remove the crib from the room from day 1. It’s confusing to kids to see their old bed and new bed in the same room and it gives them “options” on where to sleep.

I’ll be honest naps were very hit and miss for the first week or so.. some afternoons he would go down no problems, others were a fight however this would happen on and off when he was in the crib but the difference was he couldn’t get out of bed LOL.

Fast forward to now – he’s been in his big boy bed for 3ish months and not only does Lincoln absolutely love it but so do my husband and I. The Endy mattress is so incredibly comfortable and because of the size [we went with full/double] we’re all able to lay in bed and read books before bed or just hangout in his room. After only falling off his mattress a few times in the first few weeks we decided to finally purchase a bed frame and ugh you should of saw the look on Lincoln’s face the first time he saw his new bed. You guys – it was the cutest thing in the ENTIRE world.

Overall transitioning Lincoln to his big boy bed was very easy. I know it isn’t always like this and a lot of people recommended keeping your kid[s] in their crib until they start to climb out but to each their own – ya’know? Lincoln never showed “signs” of being ready yet he transitioned like an angel so my personal opinion, don’t be afraid to try. The worst thing that will happen is your child might hate the larger bed but you can easily store it, put back up the crib and try again in a month.

Would love to know; when did you transition your babes into a bigger bed? Leave me a comment down below! XO

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