Hospital Bag Essentials – For Baby

With less than 7 weeks left until our newest addition arrives – I’ve started to really be like HOLY sh*t this is actually happening and I need to get prepared because the last thing I want to be doing is running to Walmart when my contractions start grabbing newborn diapers + wipes, ya’know?

Over the past 33 weeks I’ve been slowly [like snail speed] collecting gender naturals items because ICYDK my husband and I made the decision to not find out the sex of our rainbow babe… something I said I’d NEVER do but here we are with a month and a half left and I have no freaken clue that’s growing inside me LOL.

I kept the babies hospital bag very minimal and have walked my husband through the nursery drawers [LOL] in the event I have another cesarean and end up in the hospital for 5 days like last time.

What I packed in our new Fawn Design diaper bag:
2 Baby Breez newborn sleepers [which I’ll be using for the “coming home” outfit]
1 0-1m onesie + pant set from H&M
Knit slippers from The Gap
2 Swaddles [1 from Copper Pearl + 1 from Caden Lane]
A bow from Baby Bling + a hat from Copper Pearl
Newborn diapers
Pack of wipes
Hello, World! XO set from Lulujo Baby
Mini letter board from Ailavieu
UPPAbaby Mesa carseat
Fuzzy blanket for the car ride home

Some might consider this to be a lot of items, like do I really need 2 sleepers and an outfit? The answer is YES because even though I’m sure the majority of the time the babe will be naked and just swaddled so I can easily do skin to skin.. I also plan to take a couple of cute newborn photos in the hospital soooooo… sue me.

What do you consider must-have items to pack in the hospital bag for your newborn? Leave a comment down below b/c I really don’t want to forget anything essential, yikes!!!

& stay tuned because a quick blog post of essentials to pack for yourself will be up in a few days! XO

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