Wooden Baby Activity Gym

Alright – you know that moment in your pregnancy when you realize you are ACTUALLY having a baby and soon your colourless house is going to be full of tacky, bright, coloured baby toys and you start to have a mini panic attack? Yeah… that happened to me. I wasn’t worried about labour, or keeping a human alive, I was worried about my living room turning into a colourful kid zone. The good news is for all you soon-to-be-mommas that are having the same panic attack I experienced months ago… there is hope. Kara from The Polka Dot Fox reached out to see if I would be interested in a monochrome play gym for Lincoln and of course I couldn’t say no… like hello, I’ll remove the colourful iKea activity gym (that I originally planned to spray paint white and black but who has time for that once you have a child) and replace it with something modern and beautiful.

I worried (for about two seconds) that Lincoln wouldn’t love the monochrome play gym as much as his iKea one because it wasn’t “bright” but in fact it’s the complete opposite. He absolutely loves it & so do I.

Kara currently has three different activity centres available on her website and they are only $120.00 CND. Whether you’re a pastel gal, earth tone chickie, or monochrome mamma like me, you’ll be sure to find something that will fit perfectly in your home. I should mention that not only does she carry the most gorgeous play gyms, she also sells handmade teepees, organic cotton swaddles, foxy soxy’s and quilts. You can find all these items on her website and instagram page! Go check them out and tell her I say hello 🙂


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