CuboAi baby monitor, the best of the best.

having four kids, I feel like I’m an expert on what’s worth buying and what’s not. do you need a wipe warmer? no. is a diaper pail really necessary? not really. will a video baby monitor completly change your life and help ease the anxiety of being a mama? yes yes and yes!!!!!!!

if you’re just here for the discount code, here it is before I get started on the full review:

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BEFORE I GET STARTED, I am announcing a BRAND NEW product from CuboAi at the end, you won’t want to miss it! i’ve been using the CuboAi baby monitor for the past two years out of all the baby monitors I’ve tried, nothing compares to the CuboAi. using AI technology the monitor detects when your baby is safe and sound in their crib, when and how long it takes them to fall asleep and how many times you visit them in the middle of the night is a game changer, oh and than all of the night’s events are generated into a report for you to review in the morning which is so cool and helpful. the CuboAi allows me to feel comfortable being outdoors or within an ear’s reach of my kids because I know should anything happen, I will be notified. this allows me to hang out with my big kids at our pool or push them on the swings while the littles get their much needed nap time.


the set up process is super straight forward.  CuboAi has 2 options of sets for purchase, the wall mount set and the 3-stand set. PLEASE NOTE: the wall mount set does not have the crib attachment only the 3-stand set has the crib attachment. once you’ve set up the monitor all that’s left is downloading the CuboAi app and holding the QR code under the camera until the two pair and you are good to go. easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.


view from above: “birds eye view” this is by far one of my favourite features. the fact that you can view your baby directly from above and no crib rails or anything else gets in the way of that view is amazing. there’s literally nothing cuter than watching your baby fall asleep with this view, trust me.

covered-face & rollover detection: whether your baby sleeps perfectly swaddled or squirms and kicks in their sleep, CuboAi looks out for anything that could cover their airways and immediately alerts you by sending notifications to your phone.

true cry detection: the AI technology is able to differentiate between noises in the environment and actual cries and once your baby’s cries are detected, you’ll receive an app alert. all you need is your phone and you’ll never be out of range from your baby.

18-hr free playback: you’re able to scroll back through your baby’s last 18 hours and while this may not be a necessity, it’s kind of fun to watch back at their cute little bodies wiggling around throughout the night.

viewing capabilities: whether you’ve left dad at home with the kids for a couple hours or while you’re at work or on a much needed girls trip, you can view everything from the app while away. it’s such a piece of mind knowing you’re always “there” without being “there” ya know? CuboAi has a reliable, rock-solid wifi connection so you don’t ever have to worry about the app not connecting & not being able to see your babes. quick, but very important note for extra piece of mind, the CuboAi is a hack free baby monitor thanks to the backend security, that protects your data so no outside intruders can access your videos/photos. 

cough detection: no one likes to see their babies sick, so being able to track their coughs 24/7 and recieve real time alerts with a 20-seconds video recording of their most recent cough event can provide piece of mind knowing and can even be good footage to save and show the doctor.

it grows with you: CuboAi has 2 options of sets for purchase, the wall mount set and the 3-stand set. PLEASE NOTE: the wall mount set does not have the crib attachment only the 3-stand set has the crib attachment. the crib attachment (attaches directly to the crib – this is the way we currently have it in the babies room) a stand (in case you still want that overhead view but want to be able to move it from room to room) or you can attach the monitor to a mobile stand if you want to put it on a shelf for a toddler room or bring it into the living room.

at the end of the day there was no question to whether or not I would be purchasing another CuboAi for our next babe, but one thing I did switch up was getting the sleep safety bundle, which comes with the sleep sensor pad which I’ll be using for extra piece of mind. the sleep sensor pad monitors your babies breathing motions using 4 motion sensors picking up your babies every little movement, while the camera AI uses computer vision to watch over them. if the camera AI confirms your babes presence in the crib, but the sleep pad detects no breathing motion, it will alert parents right away. to assemble, all you need to do is lift the mattress and place the CuboAi Sleep Sensor Pad on the bed slats. it really doesn’t get easier than that?

I also grabbed the BRAND NEW CuboAi travel case because we’re heading to florida this winter & there’s no way I’m traveling without our monitor.  the travel case allows you to pack up your baby monitor with it’s accompanying mobile stand accessories and bring reassurance wherever you go! it fits securely into diaper bags, backpacks, duffle bags, and suitcases. now brb, while I count down the days until our holidays. 

CuboAi baby monitor and other accessories are not included in the Travel case

no other monitor compares & I know using the CuboAi for our latest addition, I will have such piece of mind knowing I’ll be notified should anything happen 🙂

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