Basic to Modern in Seconds

Five years ago my husband and I built our home and to say my style has changed dramatically would be an understatement. In 2014 I was all about the chandeliers, deer heads, rustic wood and silver accents and fast forward to 2019 I’m like gimmie all the white walls, mid-century/scandinavian vibes and black accents.

One of our most recent updates to our main level was removing all of our existing satin nickle levers and replacing them with the Custom Latitude Lever with Century Trim levers in matte black. In less than an hour my home got 10x more modern. I know that might sound a bit dramatic but seriously it’s true! You have no idea how much new hardware can change the style of your home until you take the plunge and update them, I swear XO

To continue with the matte black vibe, we decided to change all of our exterior handles as well. I’m embarrassed to even admit this but when we purchased our handles for our front doors we accidentally bought one gold and one satin nickle andddddddd it took us five years to finally change them. Yep, that’s real life you guys and that’s why I have to edit all my Instagram photos because things aren’t ever what them seem LOL. These are our new exterior front door handle sets and I couldn’t be happier. They basically blend away with the almost-black doors but I love how it looks and it’s 10432927x better than the mis-matched handles.

On the door from the garage to the backyard we decided to go with the Schlage Touch Keyless Touchscreen Lever with Century trim and Latitude Lever because mama has locked herself out of the house WAY to often and this way I can ensure it won’t ever happen again. The Smart Touch lever is
100% pick-proof ,works in the rain/when you’re wearing gloves and it’s
graded best in residential security, durability, and finish. It retails for less than $200 CND and has a 4.5+ star rating. My husband said the installation process was extremely easy and he loved it so much that he purchased the same style for his newly built man cave.

What are some updates you’re looking to do in your home? If changing our your interior/exterior hardware is one of them I highly H I G H L Y recommend that you check out Schlage. The quality is outstanding and the price point is fantastic. I promise you won’t be disappointed XO

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