Christmas Gift Guide [newborn to toddler] ft. Mini Mono

Christmas is quickly approaching and I’m starting to freak out. Maybe because it will be the last Christmas as a family of three, or the realization snow is going to be here before we know it or perhaps because I haven’t started Christmas shopping for anyone else but Lincoln AND before you say “but Jessica, it’s only October” yeah Debbie I get it, but if you haven’t realized time flies so fckn fast. K? K.

I’ve made a promise to myself to keep Christmas small, now and forever because the last thing I want is a tree full of crap – ya feel me? There’s nothing worse than spending $50 on a plastic piece of crap that will last 2 hours tops after they open it. Personally I’d rather Lincoln have fewer gifts to open and┬áspend a little more on high quality items that I know will last him a long time. One of our favourite shops for modern clothes/toys and decor is They’re a Canadian based small shop that offers free [and fast] shipping over $48. Below I’ve put together a gift guide for both babies + toddlers! ENJOY XO

under $20 [stocking stuffers]

Bath Book [$15]Teething Ring [$18]Black & White Art Cards [$18]

under $50

Genuine Bonded Leather Play Mat[$31+]
[available in three sizes + three colours – navy not available]Bamboo Fleece Pom Beanie [OUR FAVOURITE THING EVER $26]

under $100 [big gift]

Wooden Infant Activity Gym

Can we all just agree that babies are the best to buy for because they’re at the age they don’t understand what they’re getting and you can buy them all the practical stuff like bibs and diapers LOL, ami’right? BUT let’s be honest that kind of stuff is boring zzzzzzz so it’s fun to pick up a few “fun” items for your baby even if all they want is the box it came in.

Now onto toddlers..

under $40 [stocking stuffers]

Wooden Cars [$17]
Mini Monochrome Stacking Tunnel [$24]Bamboo Fleece Pom Beanie [OUR FAVOURITE THING EVER $26]
[for size reference Lincoln owns a medium because I like a “looser” fit]Animal Alphabet Art Cards [$28]
Cutest Monochrome Christmas Pjs

under $100

Wooden Camera [$40]
Hooded Moto Romper [$44]Handmade European Waldorf Doll [$88]

under $300 [big AND amazing gifts]

Wishbone 3-in-1 Bike Recycled Edition [$239]Monochrome Ball Pit [$289]

I dare you to tell me that you’re not dying over all these gift options, for real. I just wanted to note that I’m 100% aware some of these gifts lean on the pricer side but I’ve said it before and I’ll said it again… quality > quantity. ALWAYS. Also keep in mind that you could always purchase one large item as a “family” gift that all your kids will enjoy.

Happy Shopping Friends XO

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