REVIEW: MiaMily Hipster Plus

Who else is tired of carrying their kids around all day? Like 2.2 seconds away from accidentally dropping them kinda tired? Yep, me and probably you too let’s be honest.

Teething is no joke and I swear the second a tooth even remotely thinks about the idea of popping up in Lincoln’s mouth he decides that he’d much rather be in my arms than anywhere else which makes baby (or in my case “toddler”) wearing a complete necessity. The MiaMily Hipster Plus has been a lifesaver the last few weeks, lemme tell ya friends.

This carrier has the capability of nine different carrying options (three of them require the single shoulder accessory) which retails for $29.90 and is not included in the Hipster Plus package. It can be purchased in 4 different colours (I own the charcoal grey) but if I’m being honest I think the stone grey is my favourite! Quick side note, all four colours are neutral which will give your husband no excuses for not carrying the babe 😉 LOL. The Hipster Plus is by far the most unique carrier I’ve owned due to the 3D hip seat which “encourages a natural sitting position and ensures healthy hip development” and it doubles as a storage pocket as well. I love how this carrier can be used from newborn up to age 3 (or 44 pounds) and because of the large waist belt it offers great lumbar support which is important AF when your kid wants to be carried for hours on end.

Best Buy is pushing out a smart nursery section and have selected the MiaMily to be the only carrier in their store.  If that doesn’t prove how good this carrier is I don’t know what will. You can save $20 between April 15th and 30th. Run, don’t walk because girl lemme tell ya that’s a huge savings.

ION who else is a fan of baby-wearing?! I swear it’s all we do nowadays … besides laundry and taking the odd shower, ya’kno? WTVR you guys I’m not complaining because thanks to the MiaMily my back doesn’t hurt and I can hide the fact I haven’t worn a bra in 2 weeks HA! #momlife

What is your must-have baby and/or toddler item?! Leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear XO

Don’t forget to take advantage of the amazing deal at Best Buy before it’s too late!


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