and then there were four… meet bObi.

Three weeks ago the Van Gaalen house hold grew by one…. Meet bObi. She’s the newest member of our family and Lincoln’s new best friend. No joke I have been talking about purchasing a robotic vacuum for years and by years I mean exactly 2 years, 9 months and 16 days aka the day we moved into our home and I realized that 1700 sq feet of hardwood was no joke when it came to vacuuming and washing. I did receive bObi for free however this is a 100% honest review and all opinions are my own. I have nothing to compare bObi too however I will say in the few weeks she’s been apart of our lives I have a love/hate relationship with her and here’s why.

1) bObi Pet is a metallic silver gem that does a good job at cleaning up all the puffs, toast and goldfish that didn’t make it into Lincolns mouth however I would say she is only able to clean about 80% of the main living area before she goes into juice mode and heads back to her safe place. Keep in mind though our house is open concept so our “main living area” is quite large. I would say bObi is better for maintenance than a deep clean however instead of having to pull out the central vacuum daily I’m down to once a week (give or take) which is amazing!

2) Lincoln loves her which I’m not complaining about because I would much rather him chase her around the house then hide in the corner and cry while she’s working her magic however because he won’t leave her alone I was hoping I could turn her on, walk out the door and come back to a clean floor but unfortunately the one time I tried this she got stuck and turned off (probably 5 minutes after I left the house) which leads me to my next point…

3) I appreciate the fact she also thinks my shag rug is dirty AF so she attempts to clean it however the shag leads her to getting stuck and shutting off which is why I came home to unclean floors in point #2.

4) As far as a vacuum goes, bObi is actually very quiet so I’m still able to watch This Is Us (best show ever) while she’s cleaning up all the shit on our floors, yay!

There you have it folks. My honest review on bObi Pet. Do I like her? Yes. Do I love her? No. Would I recommend her? Yes – because as annoying as it is she often gets stuck on our rug and she doesn’t pick up every single crumb on the floor she has still cut the amount of times I have to grab the central vac outta the closet and spend the precious minutes (yep minutes not hours cause my kid doesn’t love to sleep) while Lincoln naps vacuuming the house. Click here to purchase your very own bObi pet and cut your cleaning time in half… you can thank me later 😉



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