4x less laundry, say what? ft. Dutch and Boots

Yep dreams really do come true. These reversible Dutch and Boots bibs create 4x less laundry which is like a little slice of heaven because I don’t know about you but washing, drying and folding laundry is in my top five least favourite things to do LOL.

Dutch and Boots is an online only small shop that currently sells two different bib packages – Anna (girly, bright colours) and Lane (monochrome goodness) each retailing for $24.95 and can both be purchased here. Each package comes with two double-reversible bibs (so 4 different designs) and I’m not joking you guys they are thick AF and are 100% the best quality bibs I have owned to date and let me tell you Lincoln has an overflowing drawer filled with bibs from various companies.

The outer layer of these bibs are made from 100% organic cotton and the inner layer is 100% polyester fleece for extra absorption. They are recommended for ages 3m to 24m however this will obviously depend on the size of your child. Not only are the bibs extremely thick but they are also large in size which is a must-have for your babe becauseeeee large bibs = less mess on your babies clothes = less laundry = happy mama. Ohhh and they wash and dry like a complete dream so yaaaay! 🙂

If you follow me on Instagram you’d know that Lincoln is a cranky, teething, drooling machine and these bibs are a complete life saver. The combination between being thick AF and having the extra polyester fleece liner means he no longer looks like I’ve thrown him in the bath with his clothes on, whoot!

Just a few tips for your new bibs that the owner of Dutch and Boots put together if you decide to purchase (which let’s be honest you’d be crazy not too) LOL. I’ll make it super-duper easy for you, just click here to purchase!

To Reveal Additional Sides 

To Easily Fasten Snaps

I have zerooooo negative things to say about the Dutch and Boots bibs.. ohhhh except I wish they had a bigger fabric selection because I would own every single one of them and toss all the crap bibs I currently own.

There you have it folks. My pretty quick, honest review on these Dutch and Boots two-sided reversible bibs. Let me know which collection is your favourite and if (ok WHEN) you order and post cute pictures of your kid wearing them please tag me on IG so I can seeeeeee (j.vangaalen) oh and of course tag (dutchandboots) as well, cause duh!


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