Mini Room Tour Of Lincoln’s Playroom

Like every single fckn room in my house Lincoln’s play room is not complete however it’s well on it’s way to being the coolest, whitest most monochromist (yeah I just made that up) play room everrrrrr so I thought I would give y’all a sneak peak.

Every kids playroom needs a teepee ami’right? This mini teepee is made in Canada and the quality is 100%. Finally Friday Teepee’s are sold in three different sizes which are mini (special order only & 36″ base), standard (42″ base) and large (52″ base) and all are 4ft tall and can be purchased here. I would probs suggest ordering the standard or large unless you only have enough space for the mini because it’s quite small and your kiddos will outgrow it much faster than the larger sizes.

The IKEA Besta unit is popular AF and might be a lil’ overdone but wtrv. It’s extremely inexpensive, big enough to store a lot of Lincoln’s tacky toys and comes in a million fckn colours. Eventually I’d like to replace the legs w/ something a little more modern and unique but this will do for now. Click here to purchase this particular Besta unit.

This Lorena Canal rug is a must-have for a kids play room, bedroom or any place in your home where your kids eat food and make messes LOL. Why? Because this damn thing is machine washable and fits into any standard washer and dryer. Yep, you heard it here folks. You can WASH and DRY this rug. How fckn amazing is that? Lorena Canal rugs are eco-friendly and handmade in India using all natural dyes and contains no VOCs like most rugs. You can purchase the Bereber Beige rug here and all other rugs here.

Is this Eames kid style modern chair + table set not the cutest thing ever? I dieeeeee over them every time I walk into the play room. I purchased the chairs at Hobby Lobby and the table at a local furniture store but to makes things easier you can purchase the entire set here at Amazon.

And just incase y’all didn’t think Lincoln actually played in this room… he totally does but under extreme supervison so I can make sure nothing gets dirty LOL kidding. Obviously. I’m not that crayyyy I promise 🙂



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